At the Ritual Spa, in the Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort, you will find an extremely relaxing ambience, conceived as your personal refuge from the stresses of daily life, where body and mind are rejuvenated and pampered by our luxury care rituals.

Our goal is how best to serve our clients! We offer a unique combination of sensory experiences with a first class service and the most indulgent care techniques carried out by experienced professionals.

Every detail has been thought of to offer an amazing and totally relaxing experience in which your problems, worries and stress simply slip away. Allow us to guide you through the ultimate sensory experience and you'll leave our sanctuary of rituals feeling completely spoiled and divinely invigorated.

With a refined and totally personalized service, our Spa treatments are based on rituals that combine manual techniques, state of the art equipment and 100 per cent natural highest quality cosmetic products. In addition to having a space especially designed to ensure your feeling of well-being and comfort that your body and face will never forget, we also offer the most advanced aesthetic treatments currently available.

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