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Simultaneously investor, developer and hotel operator, the group takes a "long term player" sharing interests with the end customer. It is always our goal to make each project an international reference, because of the quality and excellence of service.

The universe Onyria Estate is always linked to a 5 star hotel service. We invest in dream locations because this is where we can be better and unique. And when we find a position worthy of this charisma, we share it with you through our exclusive real estate projects, allowing the dream becomes a reality.

Oniric Landscapes, exclusive locations and of great charm, this is the position of Onyria Golf Resorts and we took it into your home. Golf, harmony with nature and luxury of exquisite buildings, are crucial elements in Onyria resorts. The real estate component is then meticulously cared for, always in a very low building density and linked to hotel services.

What will you find in the Onyria Real Estate universe?

Luxury and exclusivity
The Onyria Golf Resorts real estate projects always include an atmosphere of comfort, luxury and exclusivity. We strive to maintain comfortable levels of construction so exclusivity may be felt in landscaping, surroundings and, of course, inside your own property. The Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort in Lagos and Quinta da Marinha Resort in Cascais are examples of this harmony. High quality projects, pointing to a luxury segment, set in an environment of golf resort and sharing a single location. Learn all about each of these projects or ask for more information.

Signature Projects
In addition to a technical team always proactive and trained to monitor and set standards of quality for every project, we rely on architects with vision and creativity to flesh out this perfect picture. Examples of this synergy are the architects such as Frederico Valsassina, Duarte Nuno Simões and João Silva Garcia in Palmares, or João Paciência in Quinta da Marinha. Reintegration and updating the aesthetic concept of our projects is another constant in real estate Onyria. In Quinta da Marinha, for example, the Golf Villas initially envisaged by Architect Francis Leon in the 80's, were now renovated so they can always be seen as assets in constant appreciation.

Service and excellence
Associated with each real estate project is always a 5 star hotel and luxury service. Once that this presence is not only figurant, we combine a set of privileges and exclusive benefits to owners of Onyrias real estate, materielized in the concept of Onyria Living.

All inclusive
Living in an Onyria resort is to have a rest life. Because we are "long term player" seeking to manage our resorts so excels and taking care of the surrounding all days. Thus, the integrated management of condominium is another comfort factor provided for you and it is indexed to property as part of the resort. The main services are the management of common areas, landscaping, 24 hour security and administrative management of the condominium.

Cascais and Algarve
Cascais and Lagos are, at the moment, the two main venues for luxury real estate in the universe of Onyria resorts in Portugal. In both cases, the location is clear, and defining the quality placement of these projects. 25 minutes away from Lisbon, Quinta da Marinha is a lifestyle that many dream about. Close to everything and at the same time, with the exclusive right to make you feel always on vacation or in a refined atmosphere and high comfort. Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resorts is located in one of the most amazing natural amphitheaters facing the sea, in Meia-Praia, Lagos (west Algarve). Living near the beach, surrounded by golf and right next to Lagos, one of the most beautiful historical cities in the Algarve, where you can find a little of everything.

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