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The Onyria Golf Resorts Group is part of the natural evolution of a project that began around 20 years ago.

The group was created to undertake the integrated management of resorts, villas, hotels, golf courses and restaurants. It is a group that involves a whole family, spanning various generations and its aim is to offer the very best and create enduring moments.

The Onyria Golf Resorts is a family enterprise, and its story is always recounted as such. Our past is today’s heritage, the here and now to be lived and worked to the full.  And in the future it will fulfill through dreams and challenges.

It all began in 1988, with the acquisition of a plot of land in the Quinta da Marinha, Cascais. As it was our first project in the field of hotel management, the Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort is a very important landmark in our history, symbolizing an excellent beginning.

Our current and future touristic investments include various projects which are always situated in the most privileged locales: exquisite locations devoted to relaxation, but with the added advantage of always being close by to urban centers. This is how we offer our guests truly unforgettable experiences.

The Onyria Golf Resorts has developed projects in Hospitality, Golf, Restaurant and Health Care.

Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort, Cascais
Onyria Palmares Beach House Hotel, Algarve (2017)
Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso, Cascais (2011 a 2015)
Onyria Claros Beach & Spa Resort, Izmir (2010 a 2015)

Quintada Marinha Golf, Cascais
Onyria Palmares Golf, Algarve

Monte Mar Cascais
Monte Mar Lisboa
Monte Mar Mercado da Ribeira - Time Out

Health Care
SMP - Serviço MédicoPermanente, covering the whole of Portugal

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our investments, both nationally and internationally. A series of very different projects with one common goal: quality of life.


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