Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort

Palmares Poperty, Real Estate Algarve

“As the warm tendrils of the dawn sun fleck the clear blue sky and caress the verdant greens there is little doubt as to the whereabouts, it´s another sunny, warm Algarve morning in Palmares. Surely no-one could ever tire of this scene; it is unquestionably the best moment of the day. From the room there are wonderful views to the bay, to the beach, and to the golf course. Yes! The golf course! But first and foremost, start the day with a wholesome family breakfast by the pool side. On the fairway, which is always excellent, golfing skills are put to the test. Later, lunch in the panoramic clubhouse affords breathtaking views out across the ocean. There is shopping, magazines, and a myriad of voices chatting in different languages. The laid-back atmosphere can’t help but put anyone in a good mood. With the children taken care of and safely playing at the kids club, adults can relax in the peaceful setting of the spa. Later in the day, Lagos marketplace awaits discerning shoppers. This Algarve of the Discoveries conveys a certain timeless magic. The beach is just a few short steps away from the door. The wide expanse of beach is uncrowded and warm. The gently lapping waves beckon. In one direction, the far horizon, in the other, the Palmares amphitheatre. It is easy to feel part of the scenery. The heat of the Algarve sun brings with it a thirst for a cool, crisp, light Portuguese wine. A mix of flavors follows. Lulled by candlelight, the evening concert is a real pleasure. The crickets and the cicadas chirp under the cloak of stars. A cool breeze ruffles the curtains, close the window, the end of another wonderful day. Tomorrow the sunlight will stream in again through this window.”

With its unique location and luxury concept, the resort provides this particular experience of dynamic views. Because of the Alvor lagoon tides are so intensive, the views are always changing and Palmares changes from a blue and green landscape into a deep blue mirror, where boats, colorful kites and all kind of birds invades the area to contemplate this natural mutation. Planned, built and managed according to the latest principles of value creation and environmental sustainability, the resort spans approximately 200 hectares, with a 5.5 percent construction density.

The Resort Masterplan is comprised of the 27-hole golf course, a Onyria Palmares Hotel (5 stars), a SPA, clubhouse, beachclub, driving range with two practice areas, panoramic restaurants, leisure and sports area, tennis courts and much more.

Integrated Solution
Because living in Palmares is an absolute experience, from the first moment and with Onyria Resorts, life quality is an easy way to get. Therefore, buying in Palmares means that you will get “all-inclusive” real estate solution:

- Plot (Public deed)
- Architecture and building solution (Onyria can assist in the selection of architect and building contractor)
- Construction management and Supervision 

The Architecture details are also included, and you will be able to build a house designed by our most prestigious selection of architects and personalized according to your specific needs, if you wish. 
Resuming the concept of the resort:

- Natural amphitheatre surrounded by sea and "Ria de Alvor" views
- Beach & Golf Resort
- Total area: 200 hectares and a 5,5% building density
- Integrated and exclusive resort with 24/7 security
- Luxury 5 star hotel service
- Plots for villas with unique locations and great views
- Including Onyria Living solution

To find out how these units can be a sound real estate investment, download the presentation file and to get to know all you need about these units, or contact us directly for more details.

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